Minecraft Server Plans

Our Minecraft plans are hosted on powerful Ryzen CPUs that deliver unmatched performance. No more old and oudated hardware. Say hello to true raw performance.

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New York City, NY

Located in New York City, this server location is best for connecting players across the Americas and Europe

4 GB RAM In Stock

Starting from

$10.00 USD

/ Monthly

1 Ryzen 9 7000 Series vCore
100 GB NVMe SSD Storage
New York City, NY

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6 GB RAM In Stock

Starting from

$15.00 USD

/ Monthly

1.5 Ryzen 9 7000 Series vCore
150 GB NVMe SSD Storage
New York City, NY

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8 GB RAM In Stock

Starting from

$20.00 USD

/ Monthly

2 Ryzen 9 7000 Series vCore
200 GB NVMe SSD Storage
New York City, NY

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10 GB RAM In Stock

Starting from

$25.00 USD

/ Monthly

2.5 Ryzen 9 7000 Series vCore
250 GB NVMe SSD Storage
New York City, NY

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12 GB RAM Out of Stock

Starting from

$30.00 USD

/ Monthly

3 Ryzen 9 7000 Series vCore
300 GB NVMe SSD Storage
New York City, NY

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16 GB RAM Out of Stock

Starting from

$40.00 USD

/ Monthly

4 Ryzen 9 7000 Series vCore
400 GB NVMe SSD Storage
New York City, NY

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Our hosting gives you more features

Every plan comes included with the following features

Version Manager

Easily change server versions and softwares with the versions manager.

Full Plugin and Mod Support

Enhance your server with plugins and mods, all fully supported using the proper server software.

One-Click Installation

Install modpacks and plugins using our built-in one-click installation button.

Control Panel and SFTP Access

Complete control over your server. Upload any worlds, plugins, or mods you wish to play with.

Up to 10 Gigabit Connection

Experience a fast network connection for you and your players.

DDoS Protection

Up to 12 Tbps capacity of built-in DDoS protection from network providers such as Path.net and Cosmic Guard mitigates attacks at a best effort.

Free MySQL Databases

Up to 10 MySQL databases are included for all servers

Free Subdomains & Reverse Proxies

Subdomains are included for all servers for ease of connection. Reverse proxies with SSL are included for plugins that host a webserver.

Free Offsite Backups

Unmetered backups are included with every plan and are stored offsite for redundancy.

How we compare to popular hosts

We offer competitive price to performance based on single-thread rating. Why does this rating matter? Minecraft's main game functions such as entity and chunk ticking operate on a single-thread. We use hardware that excel in single-thread rating for this reason.

STEL Hosting Apex Hosting MCProHosting Shockbyte Bisect Hosting
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Dual Intel Xeon Gold 5420+ Intel Xeon E-2236 Intel Xeon 3.4 Ghz
Single Thread Score 4159 3471 3235 2834 2238
Percent Difference in Single Thread Score 0.00% -18.03% -24.99% -37.90% -60.06%
Price for 8 GB RAM $20.00 $28.00 $44.99 $20.00 $23.92

We used each competitor's best CPUs in comparison to our worst scoring one. The CPU listed for each competitor may or may not be what is received as a wide variety of hardware is used for each one.
Some hosts such as Bisect Hosting and MCProHosting are not fully transparent on the exact model of hardware they used. We used the best CPU given their undetailed specs to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Single thread scores were obtained by the PassMark Software for PC benchmarking.
Last updated on January 7th, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Minecraft can I play on?

Our control panel allows you to run any Minecraft version provided that you use the right server JAR file. We have many of the most popular server softwares for different versions available on our control panel.

How much RAM do I need for my Minecraft server?

RAM usage varies on many factors such as the type of server you're playing (modded or vanilla), how many plugins and mods you install, and how many players are online. It's difficult to have an equation to calculate the amount of RAM your server will need since everyone's needs are different. We generally recommend 4 GB of RAM at a minimum for modern Vanilla with 2-5 people online. For all types of modpacks, we recommend at least 8 GB of RAM. Some modpacks may require more RAM. More players online at once would result in a need for more RAM. If you are unsure on which package to purchase, feel free to contact our support to get an estimate.

Can I use my existing world?

Yes! You can upload your existing world data via SFTP and continue gameplay on it as if nothing changed.

Can I upgrade my service if I need more resources?

Yes! Upgrades are available in the client area and are automatically applied upon payment. The amount to upgrade is based on a pro-rated difference between the unused time of your current plan and the cost to upgrade.

Do you limit player slots?

No. Your server is completely 100% yours to control. You can change your player slots to whatever you'd like.

Are your services better than hosts that offer "dedicated" resources?

This is tricky to answer concretely. Many hosts that "dedicate" resources achieve this by either CPU pinning Docker containers to specific thread numbers or simply allocating a CPU percentage to a server without overselling the whole node. These methods of dedicating resources certainly achieve better performance than hosts that cram as many people on a host node (overallocating/overselling) and sharing the CPU among many users. What exactly does STEL Hosting do? We assign each server with a CPU percent allocation in increments of 50% for every 2 GB of RAM. In a sense, this can be considered dedicated as all of our plans follow this allocation pattern and no server with the same amount of RAM will have more or less CPU allocation. As shown in our network status page, each full host node hardly averages 25%-30% total CPU utilization across all cores with the average across all cores being 10%-15% daily. We do not oversell our resources and as a result, there is plenty of CPU power to go around for you to experience what many advertise as "dedicated" hosting. The Linux kernel, like most modern operating systems, balances the CPU load from many processes to available cores very efficiently. If you'd like a more in-depth explanation on how we can guarantee performance without noisy neighbors, feel free to contact us.

I'd love to partner with STEL Hosting for my community or channels. Can I apply for a partnership?

We don't have an application for partnerships. However, we are open to discussing partnerships via e-mail or a support ticket.

Our Locations

Coventry, UK

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