About Us

Mission Statement

STEL Hosting exists to bridge the gap between powerful hardware and affordable pricing. The notion of having to compromise between one or the other became our mission to prove wrong.


Established in July 2023 and based in Texas, STEL Hosting sought to tackle a large problem with modern Minecraft hosting services: poor price-to-performance. As a former consumer in the hosting market, we understand the struggles in finding a provider that offers powerful hardware at an affordable price. In our research, most hosting services offer affordable hosting that only run on older hardware. These were not suitable for those that wish to push Minecraft to its full potential, whether it's through heavily modded servers or large community events. On the contrary, those that offered powerful hardware priced them at absurd prices. Through extensive numbers crunching and deals with hardware providers, STEL Hosting is able to eliminate the need for a compromise, offering powerful hardware for true raw performance. This feat was made possible by a team of passionate individuals who once faced a similar problem and eventually shared a solution for it.