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Experience powerful Ryzen CPUs, reliable networking, and extensive control panel features, all at an affordable price. From small servers to large networks, our infrastructure can support it all.

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Why choose STEL Hosting?

When you purchase a service from us, you will be receiving the following:

Powerful Hardware

High frequency Ryzen CPUs and NVMe SSDs for the best performance.

Comprehensive Control Panel

Complete ease of use with features such as one-click installations and version changers.

Premium Networking

Built-in DDoS protection safeguards your server from prolonged downtime from attacks.

Dedicated Staff

Support working around the clock to ensure that your services are running as smooth as possible.

Affordable Pricing

Ultra competitive pricing for our specifications are unmatched elsewhere.

Free Migration and Installation

We will migrate your server from other hosts and install any modpacks or software for free.

Our Locations

Coventry, UK

New York City, NY

Los Angeles, CA

Dallas, TX